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sources tell nbc news, he was not having symptoms. the findings prompted doctors at texas health presbyterian hospital to insert a stent. a stent is metal scaffolding, placed into an artery narrowed by cholesterol plaque. it restores blood flow and prevents a heart attack. nearly half a million stent procedures are done every year, and sometimes more than one stent can be placed at a time. twice as many men than women will get a stent. though with heart disease increasingly recognized in women, doctors expect that number may go up. after the procedure, there is a long-term risk of clotting, so patients are usually prescribed blood thinners. with no previous heart trouble, experts say that president bush's recovery should be straightforward. >> following stent procedure, no most patients go back to normal daily activity. most go back to work in two to three days and able to fully resume their lifestyle. >> reporter: the president is expected to go home tomorrow. this afternoon, his daughter jenna bush hager tweeted a favorite family photo. he's well and we're eager for him to retu
independently verified. in texas today, speaking to veterans, the vice president continued the drum beat to punish bashar al assad. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: the white house is not waiting for a report from the u.n. chemical weapons team that finally got to the attack site monday. officials tell nbc news, they have intelligence intercepts, tying the attack to the regime. plus physical evidence. >> we know the regime maintains custody of the chemical weapons in syria, and uses the types of rockets that were used to deliver chemical weapons on august 21st, the opposition does not. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron cut short his holiday to call a special session of parliament thursday. >> what we've seen in syria are appalling scenes of death and suffering because of the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. i don't believe we can let that stand. >> reporter: russia's vladimir putin interrupted a meeting to take a call from the british prime minister. putin is still blockin
and nebraska. in the first lawsuit related, a texas woman claims she was sickened by psych low spora after eating at an olive garden in texas. both are owned by darden restaurants, the defendant in the suit. the spokesman had no comment on the lawsuit, but said the texas restaurants are served by a different supplier, adding iowa and nebraska health officials said this is not an ongoing outbreak and the product is no longer in the food supply in those states. darden is fully cooperating with the investigation. the last illness in iowa or nebraska was reported july 2nd. they reported cases of illness that cause severe diarrhea that lasts for weeks. what remains a mystery is why hundreds of people outside iowa and nebraska are still reporting the illness. health experts advise using caution when preparing fruits and vegetables. >> you look at the bag and it may say prewashed, but standards may vary across the industry. it is a good rule of thumb and habit to go ahead and wash them again. >> in a statement, taylor farms of mexico said they run a state-of-the-art facility and is cooperating wi
on twitter using the #dreamday. >>> in texas tonight, the death penalty for nidal hasan. former army psychiatrist who went on a deadly rampage at fort hood nearly four years ago, an attack that's been called the deadliest act of terrorism on american soil since 9/11. mark potter has been covering the trial and reports tonight from texas. >> reporter: it took nearly four years after the fort hood shooting rampage in which 13 were killed, and 31 wounded for nidal hasan, the convicted gunman to be convicted and sentenced to die. the panel ordered he be dismissed of the army and stripped of his pay. the decisions were unanimous as the sentence was read, hasan looked at the jury and judge, but had no apparent reactions. those would come from the victims' families who spoke after the sentencing. joe lean cahill lost her husband michael cahill when he was shot trying to stop hasan's attack. >> today a weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. he has been held accountable for his actions, and the panel gave him justice. >> reporter: in arguing for the death sentence the prosecutor, colonel
steroids when he played for the texas rangers, this after a series of strong public denials. >> have you ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: the new york daily news reports that baseball's investigation has turned up e-mails, text messages and other information showing rodriguez recruited athletes for the clinic and tried buying incriminating evidence. while he's not commenting on his latest troubles, rodriguez tells "si" he still wants to be a role model. >> everything he's done he did to himself. every public relations decision he made, he made himself. he has put himself into this situation. everybody is closing in on him. i don't know if he can get out of this this time. >> reporter: the 38-year-old hit 647 home runs in 19 seasons, fifth all time. now facing possible banishment from the game that made him. now, as for timing, nbc sports reports that an announcement not just about a-rod, but other players snared in this investigation, could come down as soon as this friday, brian. >> ron mott with us in the studio.
. miguel almaguer, prescott, arizona. >>> in texas today, the court-martial of the man charged in the massacre of 13 people at fort hood was put on hold until tomorrow. although army major nadal hasan is representing himself, there is a team of military lawyers to assist if he requests it. today one of those lawyers told the judge he believes hasan is trying to get the death penalty and he argued the legal team should not be required to take part in that. >>> overseas authorities in yemen say they have foiled a plot by al qaeda to seize key port cities, blow up pipe lines, and disrupt the oil trade. concern about stepped-up al qaeda activity in yemen is reportedly behind the u.s. decision to evacuate most of its embassy personnel there and increase drone strikes, including another one today that left seven dead. >>> in kenya today a massive fire tore through the nairobi airport, one of the largest aviation hubs in africa. it started small but with a shortage of equipment to fight it, the blaze soon roared out of control forcing the airport to close and dozens of flights to be c
of the texas rangers. both all-stars were considered key players in their team's drive for the playoffs and world series this fall. last month former national league mvp ryan braun of milwaukee was suspended a season-ending 65 games. to sooth brewers fans they're getting $10 vouchers to those who show up this month, good for anything at the park. still, there's plenty of disappointment to go around. >> these players are cheating the game and they're cheating the other players that are trying to do it honestly. >> it's very unfortunate and it's negative and it's a wrong message we're sending to our kids. >> reporter: even down to the little leaguers dreaming big. >> even if like your trainer said or something, just here try it out, just don't do it. >> i'd rather be bad without drugs than good with drugs. >> reporter: now a-rod says he knows his appeal will be a distraction, but he says for the sake of the game he hopes the focus for the fans are on what he calls these great baseball stories as the pennant races begin to heat up. brian? >> they'll be dealing with rain at least initially
to florida include texas, alabama, missouri, kentucky, tennessee and pennsylvania. for those living in florida's sinkhole alley, it's turning into a costly and unsettling way of life. kerry sanders, nbc news, clermont, florida. >>> meanwhile, in western illinois, the fire chief says it sounded like the roar of a jet engine when a fuel pipeline exploded beneath a corn field, shooting flames high into the sky and carving a 15 foot crater into the earth. the flames could be seen for miles around. dozens of people were evacuated from their homes, but fire crews were able to get this accident under control. thankfully no one was injured. >>> in atlanta tonight, police say the death of a man who fell 85 feet from the upper level of a baseball stadium appears to be a terrible accident. police say 30-year-old ronald homer fell over a railing to the parking lot below at turner field during an atlanta braves game. another fan was killed back in 2008 when he fell at the stadium. >>> north carolina tonight is the newest battleground and a big fight over access to the voting booth. the governor
of deliberations over two days. nbc's mark potter was at ft. hood, texas, tonight with more. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the trial that was emotional for the victims' families took three weeks. in fewer than seven hours, the jury found nidal hasan guilty of all charges. [ sirens ] the verdict comes nearly four years after the shooting rampage at a ft. hood medical processing center. major nidal hasan who admitted he was the gunman was found guilty of all 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of premeditated attempted murder. as the verdict was read in court, hasan, acting as his own lawyer, showed no emotion. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. 16 family members representing the murder victims will be allowed to address the court and hasan. >> i think it is also important that these victims finally have the opportunity to express to this jury the magnitude of the suffering that he inflicted on them and the way he destroyed their lives. >> reporter: hasan paralyzed in the shootout put on no defense case, but at sentencing, he is expected to speak. he ha
, texas. you are a certified golf-course superintendent. that i am, one of less th 1,600 in the world. wow. i was gonna say, that's not -- does every golf course have a superintendent? no, sir. there are some that don't, but most do. you're married? i am, married for 16 years, have two lovely children -- cameron that's 8 and carson that is 11. nice to have you here. laramie williams is from littleton, colorado. let's hear about you. what do you do b back there? i work for a national l compay in sales that helps commercial contractors fi work. yeah, that's by day, but by night? by night, i enjoy acting. i do a little bit of improv here and ther and this man claims toave been -- rodney, you might want to move over. this man's claimed to be struck by lightning tee times. yeah, never directly on my head, but i was in my cacar, i was on my bike. the shock knocked me off my bike, and it struck right by me a third time. but you're okay. i'm okay. everyone says that i should go buy a lotteryry ticket. i say, "yeah, 'cause i'm so lucky?" [ laughter ] exactly. all right, well, everything's fine. thi
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)